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// About Recover Only Memories

We wish to understand whether one needs to be “there” in order to experience art. What if what you remember is not what is actually? If we preserve it, does it retain the same memories for the viewer? Things change but we want to keep things as they are right now because it somehow feels necessary now, but to what end?
Recover Only Memories is a project by Quartet in Transit.

Even if you’re not here with us physically, you can witness our progress online at:

// About Quartet in Transit

Quartet in Transit (Q.i.T.) is a new media collective that examines the effects of digital interfaces with human bodies. Currently Q.i.T. consists of Jack Michielsen and Teresa Tam.

Recover Only Memories is no longer active in the Contemporary Calgary Space, we have returned to our respective corners of existence, hiding until we resurface on the web.
old tweets can be found at twitter handle @___QiT