Recover Only Memories

Recover Only Memories is a multi-dimensional installation created for the NEXT2015 residency series at Contemporary Calgary. Four artists were invited to work independently in gallery for a one-month period each to produce temporary, site-specific works as part of a continuously evolving group exhibition in the space. My proposal for the exhibition was a responsive installation called Recover-Only Memories, which was conceived in collaboration with Teresa Tam as Quartet in Transit (Q.i.T.).

Quartet in Transit (Q.i.T.) is an exercise in collaborative differing methodologies. Q.i.T. has been in transit since 2013, evolving alongside the artistic practices of Jack Michielsen and Teresa Tam. While Q.i.T. was born on the Internet, its physical counterparts are based in Calgary, AB. Jack Michielsen engages in technology as an equal, exploring opportunities to enrich our understanding of each other. Teresa is enveloped in the existential entropy of our relationship with technology, attempting to develop a different understanding of our current claustrophobic conditions. As Quartet in Transit we examine the effects of digital interfaces with human bodies, and explore the excess of deception of these experiences with digital technology.