Thinking of Home

When you hear the word home, what do you think of? This is what you are asked to contemplate in this installation. Positioned in front of a window looking out over the downtown area of Calgary, Alberta, this piece suggests it is a set of stationary binoculars similar to those found at tourist vistas. When you approach and engage with the visor you will however not see the city outside the windows, instead you gaze into virtual reality landscapes.

These virtual landscapes represent a similar idea of the nostalgia I feel when I think of home. To me home has never been a physical location, but a state of mind, a feeling of belonging and a sense of safety. The virtual landscapes are modelled after different natural locations; a mountain valley, a sunny beach, rolling hills or a thick forest. The visuals inside are not photographs, but virtual 3D spaces; so when you look around in them parts are obscured or revealed to you.

The virtual spaces viewable inside the installation are not realistic in any way, they are obvious computer generated fabrications, to me this allows them to function similarly to memories, which are but abstracted recollections of accrued experience in your head. In your mind a location is only represented by the memories you associate with the place. This installation allows you to think about your personal associations with the images presented, and reminisce in the memories they bring up.